Early Childhood Education Program

Early Childhood Education Program Serving Odessa, TX & Surrounding Areas

At Karen’s Learning Center in Odessa, TX, we specialize in providing a high quality early childhood education program for children throughout the area. Our early childhood care program will encourage the growth and support of early skills for your child, including cognitive, social, attention, persistence, self-regulation and executive function skills. Our program and activities are based upon the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines for early childhood education.

Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines

Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines provide a basis for preparing your child for school. These guidelines detail skills that will help your child succeed. Skill domains that your child will experience are:
  • Social and Emotional Development: Self Concept Skills, Self-Regulation Skills, Behavior Control, Emotional Control, Control of Attention, Relationships with Others and Social Awareness Skills
  • Language and Communication: Listening & Comprehension, Speaking (Conversation) Skills, Speech Production Skills, Vocabulary Skills and Sentences & Structure Skills
  • Emergent Literacy Reading: Motivation to Read Skills, Phonological Awareness Skills, Alphabet Knowledge Skills, Comprehension of Text Read Aloud Skills and Print Concepts
  • Emergent Literacy Writing: Motivation to Write Skills, Writing as a Process and Conventions in Writing
  • Mathematics: Counting Skills, Adding To/Taking Away Skills, Geometry and Spatial Sense Skills, Measurement Skills and Classification and Patterns Skills
  • Science: Physical Science Skills, Life Sciences Skills & Earth and Space Science Skills
  • Social Studies: People, Past and Present Skills, Economic Skills, Geography Skills and Citizenship Skills
  • Fine Arts: Art Skills, Music Skills and Dramatic Expression Skills
  • Physical Development: Gross Motor Development Skills, Fine–Motor Development Skills & Personal Safety and Health Skills
  • Technology: Technology and Devices Skills

About Our Childcare Facility in Odessa, TX

Karen’s Learning Center is not only an early childhood education program center, but also specializes in other areas of enriching your young child’s life. Our trained and compassionate staff have a passion for enhancing your child’s cognitive and learning skills to help them succeed in school. As a child care provider, we provide daycare programs, after school care programs, early childhood education programs, preschool programs, head-start programs and Texas school ready programs
Contact our child care provider facility for more information on our early childhood education programs in Odessa, TX today!
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