We provide some of the best child learning services in the area!

Early Childhood Education for Midland & Odessa, TX

At Karen’s Learning Center, we firmly believe that learning can happen during any interaction that your child may encounter. We encourage your child to take part in the wide variety of activities that we provide and our teachers are constantly focused on each child’s individual development.

Child Care Providers with Head-Start Programs & Preschool Programs throughout Odessa, TX 

As one of the leading child care providers throughout Odessa, TX and Midland, TX we take the time necessary to help your children succeed. Our childcare facility offers daycare programs for children from after school programs and early childhood education programs to Texas School Ready Programs and head-start programs.

Our Early Childhood Education Programs & in Odessa, TX

Our early childhood education programs are strategically designed to teach your child about language, mathematics, science, dexterity, self-expression, imagination, social skills and more. If your child is not intrigued by what they are being taught, how will they learn? The mission with our daycare programs are to offer exciting and innovative daycare programs and preschool programs that encourage your child to learn more and more each day

We care for children from one and a half years old to twelve, and our certified teachers will properly care and educate your child. As one of the leading child care providers in Odessa, TX, we practice the PreschoolFirst curriculum for the younger children and as your child grows up, the programs that we use for learning purposes advance appropriately.
Early Childhood Education Midland, TX
Early Childhood Education Odessa, TX

Our Daycare Programs & After School Programs for the Odessa, TX Community: 

Browse through each of our childcare facility and daycare programs that we provide to educate and enhance your child’s learning abilities. 
  • Texas School Ready Programs: Important for preparing your child for our wonderful Texas schools through a Texas School Ready Program. Learn more about the program here
  • After School Programs: We love caring for your child when they get out of school! Check out what we offer for our after-school children here
  • Preschool Programs: Your child will learn valuable skills and education with our preschool program. Learn more about our preschool programs here
  • Head-Start Programs: No matter your income we want to help prepare your child with our outstanding school prep program with parental involvement encouraged. Learn more about our head-start programs here
  • Early Childhood Education Programs: Prepare your child for kindergarten using Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines
  • Daycare Programs: Our daycare programs will educate your child or children and prepare them for school. Learn more about our daycare program here

Learn more about the day care programs we offer by contacting us today, here.
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