Head-Start Programs

Head-Start Programs for Early Childhood Education in Odessa, TX

Head-start programs provide low-income families and children throughout Texas including Odessa, TX, with successful school readiness programs. This early childhood education program will help strengthen the relationship between the child’s family and the child.

Our head-start program at our childcare facility in Odessa, TX is encouraged for the early childhood community ages 0 to 5 years of age. This head-start program enhances your child’s development in areas such as social development, emotional development and language.

Parent Involvement for the Head-Start Programs Are Strongly Encouraged 

When it comes to head-start programs, we strongly encourage each and every parents to volunteer and participate with their children in the classroom. These head-start programs and early childhood education programs provide education, nutrition, literacy, health, parent involvement and services for children with disabilities.

Learn More about Our Other Early Childhood Education Programs in Odessa, TX

Join your child in the classroom to help enhance their educational and reading abilities! Check out the other educational programs that we offer at our childcare facility in Odessa, TX! 
Contact us to learn more about the head-start program we provide at Karen’s Learning Center in Odessa, TX today! 
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