Texas School Ready Program

Texas School Ready Program in Odessa, TX

The Texas School Ready Program was designed to help prepare your child for kindergarten. According to the Texas School Ready Project nearly 500,000 children and 25,000 teachers have had a positive impact due to the Texas School Ready Program. At Karen's Learning Center we use this program to prepare each child with proper instruction and activity engagement to effectively prepare children for kindergarten.

Four Components to the Texas School Ready Program

Curriculum and Materials
Curriculum and materials are provided through state researched and adapted curriculum to create a better learning environment for the child
Professional Development
Thorough and comprehensive training program provided for teachers to be properly instructed ready to deliver school readiness and techniques to the student.
This program provides classroom and online coaching for the teacher based upon their performance and needs in their classroom to improve their performance.
Child Progress Monitoring
Individual attention for each child to monitor their progress through quick assessments and analysis of areas that may need adjustments based upon their individual needs. 
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